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Star Wars Episode III (SPOILER)
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Episode 3
The Sith Take Control

· The Clone Wars are being fought all over the galaxy. The Jedi, too small in number to be soldiers, are commanding armies of clones against the droid armies of the separatist systems- led by Count Dooku.
· The Jedi are searching the galaxy for Count Dooku in hopes of ending the war. At the same time they are watching the Senate closely for signs that the Sith are controlling many senators. In the process the Jedi are identifying those senators that are loyal to the Jedi and creating a small secret resistance.
· Anakin and Padme have kept their marriage a secret so Anakin will not be expelled from the Jedi order. They periodically retreat to the Lars homestead on Tatooine to be together away from the pressures of Couresant.

· Obi Wan is assigned to serve Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan against an assembling army of droids. Obi Wan contacts his Padawan Anakin on Tatooine to ask him to join the fight. Against the urging of Owen Lars Anakin leaves to help Obi Wan in the war. Senator Padme also returns to Couresant to help negotiate between the growing factions in the senate.
· As Obi Wan and Anakin battle the separatists on a planet near the Alderaan system Obi Wan notices that Anakin is uncontrollable, disobedient, and filled with anger. He also discovers through an intercepted transmission that Anakin has been hiding his marriage to Padme. Obi Wan orders Anakin back to Couresant where he will be brought before the counsel to be expelled from the Jedi for disobeying the code. A very nasty verbal battle occurs between Obi Wan and Anakin.

· On her way back to Couesant Padme’s ship is attacked by Count Dooku and his forces. She narrowly escapes. When Padme arrives on Couresant Anakin learns of the attack and is filled with rage. Fearing he may loose another women he loves he continues working on a mechanical life support system to prevent death.
· Anakin is temporarily suspended by the Jedi Counsel until Obi Wan returns from Alderaan and a proper trial against Anakin can be held.
· Anakin begs the Jedi to intensify their search for Dooku before he attempts another assassination of Padme and vows to go after Dooku himself if they will not. About this time Anakin discovers that Padme is pregnant.
· Palpatine, seemingly upset that Anakin has been suspended, calls Anakin to a private meeting. There Palpatine informs Anakin that his spies have discovered where Dooku is hiding. Palpatine says that he suspects some on the Jedi counsel are secretly aligned with Dooku- and he believes Anakin is the only one strong enough to destroy Dooku.

· Taking Palpatine’s information Anakin hunts down Dooku and battles him to the death. His hate of Dooku makes him powerful. Anakin is successful, but is badly injured in the battle. He returns to Coursesant where he uses part of his life support suit on himself. He is still recognizable as Anakin (no mask), but his transformation into Vader has started.
· Padme sees the change in Anakin- more anger and filled with hate- and she becomes afraid. She secretly contacts Obi Wan and asks him to return quickly to Couresant to help Anakin.
· Palpatine congratulates Anakin on his victory, but says Dooku has corrupted so many Jedi that the Clone Wars must continue. Palpatine reveals to Anakin that he too was once a Jedi named Sifo Dyas but was rejected by the counsel much like Anakin. He has hidden his identity from the Jedi so the corrupt Jedi could not stop his political rise to power. He offers to complete Anakin’s training so that together they can bring “peace and order to the galaxy”. Anakin, full of anger against the Jedi and arrogant due to his abilities, accepts Palpatine’s offer.

· Anakin’s submission to Palpatine sends shockwaves through the force. Yoda senses the shift in balance and the dark side is revealed to him. He sees what Anakin has done, and realizes Palpatine is Sifo Dyas/ Darth Sidious.
· Yoda and Mace Windu inform the Jedi loyalist in the Senate of Palpatines betrayal, how he secretly ordered the Clone Army years ago, and has been playing both sides to gain power. They organize a secret resistance to remove Palpatine from power.
· Obi Wan arrives with Bail Organa on Couresant. Padme begs Obi Wan to help Anakin before it is too late. Obi Wan, discovering she is pregnant places her in the care of Bail Organa and secretly removes her from Couresant.
· Palpatine reveals the existence of the resistance to the entire Senate- and accuses the Jedi of disloyalty to the republic. The Sith-manipulated Senate majority vote to give Palpatine total power as Emperor to destroy the resistance that threatens the republic and has even corrupted the senate.

· The Emperor immediately sends troops to invade the Jedi Temple led by Anakin. A massive battle occurs where Mace Windu is killed by Anakin, and the temple is destroyed with only a handful of Jedi escaping- including Yoda.
· Obi Wan- believing Anakin has not turned fully to the dark side and full of compassion for his apprentice- discovers Darth Sidious’s secret liar in the industrial section of Couresant. There he finds Anakin and attempts to return him to the good side of the force. Anakin, furious with Obi Wan for getting him suspended from the Jedi Order, and for hiding Padme from him- begins to battle with Obi Wan with Palpatine watching. Obi wan- not wanting to kill Anakin avoids fighting when possible and tries to tell Anakin the truth- that Palpatine was behind everything. Realizing there is no hope for Anakin to be tuned back to the good side an intense lightsaber battle occurs. During the fight Anakin falls into a vat of molten metal, and Obi Wan escapes with Anakin’s light saber. Obi wan sees Anakin being rescued by Palpatines guards.

· Obi Wan connects with Bail Organa, Yoda, and Padme on Alderaan. They are informed of Anakin’s fate. They decide the remaining Jedi must go into hiding. Obi Wan changes his name to Ben Kenobi, and Yoda informs Obi Wan that he will hide on Degobah where the dark side is strong and will mask his presence. Bail Organa vows to continue the secret political and military resistance to Palpatine.
· Padme gives birth to Luke and Leah. Knowing these two children are the only hope for defeating Anakin and the Emperor it is decided to separate the twins in case they are discovered. Padme asked Obi Wan to take Luke to Tatooine to be raised by Owen and Beru (whom she trusts and knows are good people). Padme will stay with Leah hidden on Alderaan.
· Anakin emerges from Palpatine’s secret liar as Darth Vader- in his full body suit to keep him alive.
· Obi Wan is seen on Tatooine handing Luke over to Owen and Beru. The final scene shows Obi Wan in his remote Tatooine home placing Anakin’s lightsaber into a chest.


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Star Wars Episode III (SPOILER)
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